Eswatini Kitchen
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Hot Pepper Award 2008

In 2008 our very popular Swazi Fire Sauce won the prestigious Hot Pepper Award in the United States. We thank our distributor in the United States, Can Dew, for presenting our sauce, that was recognized for its fiery and distinctive taste.



Fiery Food Challenge 2009

Again, Swazi Fire Sauce was recognized in 2009 for its power at the Fiery Food Challenge, organized by Chile Pepper Magazine in the U.S.




Hot Sauce World Beat 2009

In 2009, Swazi Fire was also recognized at the Scovie Awards with the second place Hot Sauce World Beat..what are you waiting for to try it?




Fiery Foods UK National Chilli awards winner for Best Import Product 2009.

Our exotic Kumquat Atchar won the award for Best Import Product in November 2009, at the Fiery Foods UK National Chilli awards. We thank our distributor in the UK, Just Trading Scotland, for presenting our Atchar, that was recognized for a wonderful fruity, spicy flavour with heat that was mild but warming and complimented the fruity zing.